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Alfa has been empowering providers of automotive finance since 1990, with Alfa Systems established as the industry’s leading software solution. The volumes and complexity associated with automotive finance make Alfa Systems the ideal fit.

Our live customers in the automotive finance space include Toyota Financial Services, Mercedes-Benz and CarMax, and we are working with a number of other top-20 providers in active implementations. Read more in our CarMax case study.

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Alfa Systems satisfies requirements of all sizes: as an integrated point solution, a rapid off-the-shelf implementation, or an end-to-end platform for the complex global enterprise.

As well as offering wholesale floorplan functionality, Alfa Systems' auto finance software offers its own point of sale, originations and servicing capabilities, backed by full support for collections and recovery and remarketing and disposal. We collaborate and configure to the exacting needs of each customer.

To further enable your business activities, the Alfa Systems platform for auto finance offers class-leading business process automation and expansive product support, with proven multijurisdiction and real-time accuracy and compliance features.

Alfa Cloud is secure and cloud-native with AWS, while Alfa Systems' extensible nature lets you extend and embed functionality throughout your systems landscape. Our business intelligence solution provides real-time data and insights, custom reports and pluggable data APIs. Meanwhile, Alfa iQ delivers artificial intelligence to your operation, with a mission to make access to vehicles efficient, intelligent, and fair.

We replaced a core system that had been in use for over 30 years. Alfa Systems is a modern platform which allows us to integrate well with boundary systems, and its integrated workflow engine enables us to customize workflows and provide our customers with a much more seamless experience. Our associates love working in Alfa Systems and it will only get better as we continue to evolve the associate and customer experience. We’re extremely pleased that we have a modern foundation that we can continue to build upon.

CEO, CarMax Auto Finance

Alfa Start, our innovative delivery model that implements Alfa Systems rapidly and at entry-level cost, has been deployed successfully at various notable auto finance providers. Using a predefined, best-practice configuration and process catalog, Alfa Start allows US-based automotive finance operations of all sizes to take full advantage of the multi-featured, market-leading Alfa Systems platform.

Alfa’s expertise in data migration is unparalleled, and we offer further professional services in the form of business process consultancy, technical architecture, application ownership consultancy, project management and training consultancy, specifically tailored to the auto finance industry.