Lifecycle Components in Alfa Systems
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Collections and Recovery

Effective management of the entire process, accelerating income and reducing delinquency.

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Alfa Systems manages the entire collections and recovery process. Automated delinquency functionality enables quick and effective management of your operations, while rules-driven workflow accelerates income and reduces delinquency.

Alfa Systems’ collections functionality supports every stage of the collections and recovery process and is fully configurable to your business practices, with delinquency matrices and associated workflow made bespoke to your business needs.

Business rules drive the creation of workflow cases triggered by events such as underpayment or overpayment, allowing customers to begin delinquency processing without the need for report-driven manual case creation.

Subsequently, Alfa Systems automates omnichannel customer communications and management of the delinquency until resolution, including repayment and promise-to-pay plans, and breakage tracking. This automated process is designed specifically to your requirements, and can be tailored to function differently for particular product types, payment methods, delinquency periods, and more. Read more in Process Automation.

"Alfa’s comprehensive documentation was highly valuable, especially around workflow and collections - which was thrust into the spotlight by Covid.”

Robin Jeffery, Head of Transformation, HTB

Detailed delinquency information is logged in Alfa Systems and can be viewed at the contract level or an aggregate customer level, making it quick and simple to respond to credit bureau queries or disputes.

Alfa Systems supports a number of configurable, automated features to help you manage the accounting impact of delinquency, including charge-off processing, provisioning and non-accruals processing.

"Alfa Systems’ collections features allow us to get paid more quickly, minimise delinquency, and improve our overall cash forecasting."

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Repossessions and recovery are handled through dedicated workflow, utilizing a wide range of Alfa Systems' functionality to ensure returns are maximized whilst adhering to regulatory controls.

  • Delinquency matrix
  • Provisioning
  • Automated customer communications
  • Collections agency support
  • Customer call handling
  • Full reporting support
  • Repayment / promise-to-pay plans