Features of the Alfa Systems Platform
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Process Automation

Your processes as workflows and business rules.

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Alfa and Alfa Systems provide unparalleled support in converting your high-level business processes into configured workflows and business rules, minimizing manual intervention, reducing operating costs, and enabling better customer service.

Alfa Systems’ powerful workflow and business rule capabilities allow you to configure your business processes to take place without human input wherever possible, giving you complete control over task management and tracking, notification, escalation, and workforce management.

Sophisticated routing of cases, controlled by business rules, allows any mix of manual and automated steps, enabling intelligent automation of tasks and allocation of work to users. Your asset finance processes are mapped directly into the system and standardized across the business.

"Our entire operational arm is now able to work more cohesively using integrated customer case management and highly configurable workflow, ultimately enabling PEAC to better service its customer and partner base.”

PEAC Solutions

The objective of business process development is to convert high-level business processes into detailed business processes. These can then be translated into a series of steps that define the configuration of Alfa Systems workflows and business rules.

This clear and configurable visual representation of business processes, including a view of team interactions, allows Alfa customers to review operations, increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

Alfa’s comprehensive documentation was highly valuable, especially around workflow and collections - which was thrust into the spotlight by Covid.”

Robin Jeffery, Head of Transformation, HTB

Working together in close partnership, we will map your existing business process onto the Alfa Systems platform, but also take the opportunity to reassess them and identify any improvements that can be made by leveraging Alfa Systems' auto and equipment finance functionality.

Alfa Systems provides full tracking of work items, giving you the opportunity to analyze and refine processes continually for maximum business benefit, without the need for burdensome report-based work. Benefits include a clear audit trail of which user has performed which actions, and management information on key areas, including individual users, bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and assignable causes.

Through automatic allocation of work to the correct users and user groups, your organization will see improved efficiency. Customer service is notably improved by more efficient customer contact, while automation and business rules help prevent incorrect manual decisions and user error.