Why Alfa?

There are many technology providers in the auto and equipment finance space, each vying for your attention and trust. What sets Alfa apart in this dynamic landscape?

It's not just about the quality of our product. It's about our unwavering dedication to customer success, our excellence in delivery, our commitment to sustainability, and the talent and expertise of our people.

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Why Alfa?

Functional depth that eclipses our rivals.

Alfa Systems offers exceptional functional depth and a bulletproof accounting engine, developed together with Alfa's customers over our 30+ years in the industry. Our customers benefit from complete application ownership, enabling total control of the contract lifecycle, as well as all matters of configuration and integration. Ensuring stability, scalability, and robust performance, Alfa Systems just works.

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Why Alfa?

Proven, time after time.

In live production with a host of customers in 38 countries, Alfa Systems is proven with customers large and small, at volume, at great complexity, and across borders.

Our status as a PLC provides guaranteed stability, enabling us to deliver excellence for your business in the long term.

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Why Alfa?

An unrivalled track record in project delivery.

Big technology projects fail most of the time. Gartner, McKinsey, Forbes - they all agree. But Alfa customers tell a different story.

With more than 30 blue-chip customers and over 100 portfolio migrations, we maintain exceptional customer satisfaction and always deliver on project objectives. Our customers stick with us for the long term.

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Why Alfa?

Cloud-native and secure Software-as-a-Service.

Alfa Cloud deploys the Alfa Systems technology platform securely as single-tenant SaaS environments in the AWS public cloud, providing geographical flexibility and rapid deployment, without the overhead of provisioning, application support, monitoring, and availability.

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Why Alfa?

Alfa's people: the best in the business.

We put our performance prowess down to our project teams. On choosing Alfa, customers benefit from the brightest people in the industry, with unrivaled understanding and experience.

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Why Alfa?

Rapid, preconfigured delivery model.

Using a predefined, best-practice configuration and process catalog, the Alfa Start methodology delivers Alfa Systems rapidly and at entry-level cost, allowing auto and equipment finance operations of all sizes to take full advantage of our market-leading software platform.

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Why Alfa?

Extensible software, embedded in the systems landscape.

Alfa Systems has been designed to enable our customers to extend and embed functionality throughout their ecosystems, using industry-standard technologies and approaches. Customers integrate Alfa Systems seamlessly with both leading-edge and legacy systems.

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Why Alfa?

Simplified countries and regions, all on one system.

Multicountry and multijurisdiction features in Alfa Systems cover all of the languages, currencies and accounting standards required by a complex, geographically dispersed business.

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Why Alfa?

Your processes as workflows and business rules.

Alfa provides unparalleled support in converting high-level processes into configured workflows and business rules, minimizing manual intervention, reducing operating costs, and enabling better customer service.

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Why Alfa?

Flexible and configurable product structures.

Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business, including complex leases and loans, usage-based products, and risk-free rates.

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Why Alfa?

A passion for sustainability.

Ever since the company was founded, Alfa has focused on creating a positive, sustainable impact on society - through social and environmental activities, as well as responsible development. The Alfa Systems software platform is continually enhanced to address the industry’s green challenges and opportunities.

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Why Alfa?

Built for finance and accounting professionals.

Alfa Systems is built with flexibility in mind, especially for those who face a host of intricate business challenges and increasing regulatory complexity.

Alfa Systems

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