Introducing Alfa's 2024 Charity Partnerships


Alfa is delighted to announce our new charity partners for the upcoming year! At Alfa, we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate, and supporting causes that resonate with our values.

This year, our Employee Resource Groups - which we call ‘Communities’ at Alfa - curated a shortlist of worthy organizations and, through a company-wide vote, our colleagues have selected the following charities to partner with:

United States: Continued partnership with a mental health charity

In the US, we are excited to continue our partnership with a leading mental health charity for another year. This organization has been instrumental in providing resources, support, and advocacy for mental health issues, and we are honored to extend our collaboration and further support its mission.


EMEA: Depaul UK

Depaul UK is dedicated to tackling homelessness and its root causes. Founded in 1989, Depaul UK provides a range of services to support young people experiencing homelessness, offering safe and stable accommodation, as well as education, training, and employment opportunities to help them rebuild their lives. By addressing both immediate needs and long-term solutions, Depaul UK plays a crucial role in preventing homelessness and empowering young people to achieve their potential.

the man cave logo

Australia: The Man Cave

In Australia, we are proud to partner with The Man Cave, a groundbreaking mental health and emotional intelligence organization that focuses on young men. The Man Cave delivers impactful workshops, programs and presentations in schools and communities, aiming to create a world where boys and young men have the tools to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Their work addresses critical issues such as mental health, emotional wellbeing, and positive masculinity, providing a safe space for young men to develop resilience and self-awareness.

gumboot friday graphic

New Zealand: Gumboot Friday

Our New Zealand partner, Gumboot Friday, is an initiative by the I Am Hope charity, which provides free counselling services to young people in need. Founded by mental health advocate Mike King, Gumboot Friday addresses the urgent need for accessible mental health support for children and adolescents. By raising funds and awareness, Gumboot Friday ensures that young people can access the help they need, when they need it, without the barriers of cost or stigma.

Making a positive impact

We believe that our corporate social responsibility initiatives are most impactful when driven by the collective will of our employees. By empowering our team to have a say in our charitable partnerships, we ensure that our efforts reflect the causes that matter most to our community. We are looking forward to working closely with Depaul UK, The Man Cave, Gumboot Friday, and our existing mental health charity partner in the US to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they help.

Throughout the year, we will be organizing various events, fundraisers, and volunteering opportunities to support our charity partners. We encourage all of our colleagues to get involved and contribute to these worthwhile causes, wherever they can.

For more information about our charity partners, please visit: