Alfa Releases Alfa Systems Version 5.7

Alfa Systems 5.7 Release Cover

Alfa, provider of Alfa Systems - the software platform for asset finance - has announced its latest software update in Release 5.7.

The latest release follows two years of new enhancements in key areas of the product, with new offerings in the user experience, charges and billing, and configuration among the highlights. Meanwhile, changes to existing functionality include wholesale, integration, and Alfa Systems’ highly valued reporting solution.

Andrew Flegg, Alfa CTO, said:

“We’re committed to helping our customers achieve as much as they can, as painlessly as possible. This is because we know they don’t want to worry about systems - they want to get on with doing business, and staying competitive in the market.

“Each time a customer takes Alfa Systems for the first time or upgrades to a later version, they are taking on a wealth of functionality and technical capability that helps them run their business better, build a more robust operation, save a lot of valuable time, and focus their expertise elsewhere. Our platform gives them the power and flexibility not just to respond to changing business needs, but get ahead of them too.”

Alfa’s dedication to continuous improvement is underpinned by a pursuit of innovation that runs throughout the company. Many of the features in the 5.7 release come directly as a result of market or customer needs, but plenty have come about as a result of opportunities identified by Alfa’s own developers and architects to keep improving how the cloud-native Alfa Systems delivers to customer needs, how it communicates with other systems, and how it can improve the day-to-day lives of our many users.

Andrew Flegg, Alfa CTO