Alfa Employees Provide Accessible Facilities in the Community

Alfa employees gathered as volunteers standing in a group photo in a garden

Alfa employees volunteering

We have a growing CSR team at Alfa, populated by a wide spectrum of volunteers from across the company. It’s important to us to be able to engage with our local communities and provide relevant support whenever we can.

Through initiatives ranging from mentoring at schools to charity bike rides, the Alfa team  frequently engage with charities to develop long-standing partnerships that deliver genuine benefit to the community.

Hear from Gillian Bray

Alfa's Head of HR, said:

“All employees are encouraged to take part in the schemes we offer, and volunteers range in seniority from Junior Consultant to our CEO.”

Gillian Bray, Head of HR, Alfa

A recent example of a more hands-on CSR activity was our work with a mental health organisation, Mind, in the UK.  In association to our annual Hackathon event, employees took a day out of the office and headed to Pymmes Park in Edmonton to build accessible flower beds for locals with disabilities.  Watch the video below to see how they got on:

Alfa Employees Provide Accessible Facilities in the Community