Alfa Embraces Its First Hackathon

Close up of an Alfa employee on a laptop at a Hackathon

In a departure from our everyday working life, Alfa's first UK Hackathon took place on a Thursday and Friday in June 2017, with over 180 Alfa staff working in small teams to develop new ideas outside of their business-as-usual activities.

We asked participants to think about new ways to do things, be it process improvements, tools to solve existing problems or make life easier – anything was possible, even the weird and ridiculous. Many of the projects were technology-focused, but this wasn't a requirement.

In a buzzing atmosphere, many hacked through the night in a bid to create something useful and memorable.

Alfa's first Hackathon in 2017

Teams presented their ideas in a set of two-minute presentations, after which the most innovative and original were rewarded in the prize ceremony. Then, celebrations!