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Alfa Systems 6: Vision

A Vision for the Future of our Product

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Alfa proudly announces Alfa Systems 6, a breakthrough iteration of our software platform.

Delivered in a series of six releases, Alfa Systems 6 helps finance providers tackle the significant challenges they face, and seize the lucrative opportunities that lie waiting.

The Six Pillars of Alfa Systems 6

In asset finance, challenge and opportunity are always close - from sustainability reporting and green financing, to post-Covid headaches and the ever-changing economic environment. That’s why Alfa continues to innovate and evolve, empowering our customers to do more business and secure the edge over their competition.

Alfa Systems 6 is frictionless for existing customers.

2024’s iteration of the Alfa Systems software platform delivers important changes in performance and function to help address those challenges and take those opportunities - without obliging you to upgrade your infrastructure.

Furthermore, existing Alfa Systems customers who take upgrades can subscribe to this functionality as it is released, culminating in the full release of Alfa Systems 6 in October 2024.

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At the heart of the industry

While those on the periphery offer little more than smoke and mirrors, at Alfa we pride ourselves on occupying a place at the heart of the industry.

Where others' offerings are set in stone, Alfa's absolute flexibility, and total understanding of the ways and needs of asset finance, mean that our product is constantly evolving; and our remit is not simply to listen, understand and deliver - but to be ready.

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Meet challenge and opportunity head-on with Alfa Systems 6

How Alfa Systems 6 can transform your business, open up new revenue streams, and bring heightened productivity to your operation.

Opportunity: Sustainability

On the road to net-zero, business leaders are increasing their focus on sustainability. Regulatory, supplier and consumer pressures are initiating changes to reporting, financial products and compliance. Alfa is working closely with all its clients, large and small, to support their transition to EVs, usage-based pricing and more sustainable financing business models - including Scope 3 Reporting, already made available as a complementary add-on for current and prospective Alfa customers.

Opportunity: Changing business models

There is a greater focus on the circular economy and maximising value from the asset lifecycle. With the asset at the centre, there is more attention on remarketing and facilitating company fleets, as well as short-term and usage-based rentals that allow customers to take more expensive alternatives. In automotive, there is a focus on extending the vehicle’s life and subsequent recycling or refurbishing.

Opportunity: Green and infrastructure financing

If regulatory change is going to bring about more environmentally responsible investment strategies, credit and financing models need to transform first. To accelerate the road to net-zero, green asset financing needs to be incentivised and - although there’s potential for a higher level of risk - it also needs to offer a higher level of reward.

Challenge: Reducing costs and meeting budgets

Right now the global market is sparing and risk-averse in nature, with budget becoming more elusive - and the indications are that we will see more of the same in 2024. Operators are obliged to find ways to reduce their costs, particularly in areas like systems ownership, by deploying cloud-native applications and accelerated, preconfigured implementations.

Opportunity: Financial products

We’re seeing a shift to usage-based products, more income-linked projects, and a greater understanding of residual values and more variable rates, as well as outcomes from…

Challenge: Post-Covid headaches

Lockdown defaults have exposed a need for differentiated data and data modelling. This analysis has led to a gradual roll-out of complex credit decision rules, at different stages of the contract lifecycle. While already comprehensive in originations, more in-depth scrutiny is now being applied to regular supplier and dealer checks, contract amendments and collections - as well as for feedback into data analysis. But what is the new normal? And how can data from Covid - with its artificial liquidity - and zero-interest rate environments help, in this era of uncertainty? Flexibility - both in configuration and of visibility - is key. Meanwhile, there is growing pressure to be…

Opportunity: Always on, and always connected

Digital solutions with instant connectivity to both customer and broker mean customers demand 24/7 servicing power, in a world where scale is no longer an excuse. Cloud-native, extensible technology, with flexible and configurable product structures, is enabling scale as and when it is needed. Which in itself requires a focus on…

Opportunity: Automation, efficiency and extensibility

Investment in core architecture must be balanced alongside enticing new features. While nimble start-ups offer niche functionality and add-ons, only easy-to-operate, no-code integration platforms provide the speed and flexibility to capitalise on them. Meanwhile, the core platform is allowed to drive and orchestrate the ecosystem. But just be careful of…

Challenge: Regulation and security concerns

Growing regulatory complexity necessitates further traceability, agility, and automation of financial transactions; while assurance is being sought in secure single-tenant SaaS environments.

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