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Live across five continents, Alfa Systems is the technology platform of choice for asset finance companies, worldwide.

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An Overview of Alfa

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Alfa is a leading asset finance software company with global scale. Our core platform, Alfa Systems, has been supporting some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies for more than 30 years.

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Company Highlights

Investment Case

Diagram showing Alfa's compelling investment opportunity

Alfa continues to win customers, broadening across sectors and company size.

Recurring revenues

Embedded customer relationships drive strong recurring revenues, augmented by Alfa Cloud.

Exceptional IP

Strong existing IP being continually enhanced along with new IP.

Cash-generative growth

Clear strategy, which can be self-funded, to deliver continued growth and dividends to shareholders (£119m in dividends paid out since 2020).

Massive market

Asset finance is a massive ($3.4bn*) market with relative resilience. With wholesale, loans and mortgages potential addressable market up to $1tn.

*Source: A Deloitte view of the asset finance software industry, published in 2022

Push and pull market drivers

Market demands are driving the need for modern specialist software. Push factors include regulatory and cybersecurity concerns. Pull factors include digital, mobility and cost reduction opportunities.

Barriers to entry

Market complexity and changing regulation creates a significant barrier to entry for new software providers.

Market-leading software

Alfa is recognised as leading software in the automotive and asset finance industry, with the best delivery record and people, but with only around 3% of the target market spend.

Alfa is a leading asset finance software company with global scale.