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Inclusion & Diversity at Alfa

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Our teams and their missions

Inclusion Community

To engage with our culture of inclusion to contribute to sustainable growth, and unleash possibilities by embracing our mix of different perspectives.

Introduced by Amar Rana-Deshmukh, Senior Software Engineer
Inclusion Community New

LGBTQ+ Community

We represent the collective voice of our LGBTQ+ colleagues, foster a safe and inclusive working environment, and collaborate with our allies to inspire positive change amongst our wider communities.

Introduced by Jamie Thomas (Senior Software Developer) & Brannan Hancock

Women's Community

To foster a progressive environment with equal representation of women by providing a support network of allies to encourage gender diversity, in Alfa and across the industry.

Introduced by Aliya Jiva, Analyst
Womens Community New
Alfa Racial Equity

Alfa for Racial Equity

To foster an environment conducive to racial diversity at Alfa through recruitment, retention and development of racial minority colleagues, working with allies to instigate positive change, internally and externally.

Introduced by Mireille Yapo, Software Engineer

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