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Alfa Start for US automotive finance: class-leading software at entry-level cost.

Using a predefined, best-practice configuration and process catalog, Alfa Start allows US-based automotive finance operations of all sizes to take full advantage of the multi-featured, market-leading Alfa Systems platform.

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Predesigned process catalog

Alfa Start features a fully documented, comprehensive process catalog that reflects established industry best practice.

Over 40 back-office business processes are configured across a standard suite of products, each supported by predefined workflows, business rules, document generation and user roles.

Processes are grouped into areas such as originations, in-life servicing, billing and payment processing, end of term, and collections.

Guidance on each is provided by a Process Description Document and a process map in industry-standard BPMN (Business Process Map Notation) format.

Preconfigured start position

Alfa Start includes a preconfigured instance of Alfa Systems with business-ready core configuration capable of supporting both loans and leases.

In order to support business processes and the daily running of the Alfa Systems platform, this static configuration includes best-practice behavior for companies, products, fees and billing, contract and vehicle settings, as well as general ledger accounts and mappings - all of which are fully documented. 20 business intelligence reports are available as standard.

The start position, process catalog and associated documentation benefit clients of all sizes as a project accelerator, enabling faster implementations.

Digital integration

A broad, highly granular API catalog allows full control of the contract lifecycle and the associated processes controlled, and driven by, external systems.

Alfa Start includes a suite of out-of-the-box integrations to enable trouble-free assimilation of Alfa Systems into your systems landscape, quickly and efficiently. These include ACH NACHA, Lockbox, Metro 2 and Vertex, with more available if you choose.

Alfa Start’s Digital Gateway provides the tools and processes to enable the delivery of digital strategies which leverage the power of your systems, exposing and orchestrating various system APIs.

Customizable integrations to best represent individual business processes, providing simpler, dedicated endpoints that can be amended as processes and requirements change.

Rapid implementation methodology

The Alfa Start methodology focuses on a quick, efficient implementation which can reach live production in less than 24 weeks.

Testing is performed iteratively throughout, with the out-of-the-box solution used at every opportunity. The fewer changes are made, the faster the delivery.

Lean operations taking on Alfa Start’s best-practice parameters and processes can quickly leverage the proven functionality and performance for which Alfa Systems has become renowned.

Hosting, testing and upgrades

Alfa Start customers benefit from an always-on, cloud-native solution with fully managed infrastructure, as well as regular upgrades that include newly developed Alfa functionality.

Alfa acts as a Managed Server Provider, providing dedicated test and production environments, and proactively managing the Alfa Systems platform on your behalf. This removes infrastructure requirements and enables Alfa Systems test environments to be provisioned from day one.

Extensive process tests ensure systems stability and functionality. Preconfigured tests include the test coverage matrix, componentized test cases, and automated process integration tests.

Get Started with Alfa Start

Alfa Start’s optimized approach is designed to accelerate systems change for lean businesses, maximizing value and minimizing risk.

Equip your operation to automate, innovate and challenge in the automotive finance space - fast.

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