• Digital Directions:

    Exploring digitalization in the asset finance industry

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Digital Directions:

Exploring digitalization in the asset finance industry

We surveyed a cross-section of asset finance industry leaders to understand how they view digitalisation, what their strategies are, and the nature of the barriers they face. Scroll down to find out more, or read our follow-up Digital Directions: Part Two.

Market status

  • 98

    understand the challenge

    Digitalisation is well understood and asset finance organisations have a clear idea of the barriers.

  • 34

    believe in a digital ecosystem

    A third have a broad vision of the possibilities opened up by digital.

  • 47

    are piloting digital

    Half are currently implementing limited-scale digital pilots.

  • 16

    have created a fully digital business

    One in six claim to have created a fully digital business.

  • Perspectives

    Competitive pressures and changing customer expectations are compelling companies in the sector to take on the digitalisation challenge.

  • Perspectives

    Digital solutions are about more than writing an app, providing data that wasn’t previously available, or moving back-office processes online.

  • Perspectives

    The goal is not just to affect end user functionality, but to change the entire business model.

  • Perspectives

    A digital future can only be achieved using modern systems with deep functional power.

  • Perspectives

    The move to digitalisation is challenging, and presents critical issues. But the rewards are significant.

What's driving digital change?

  • stats


    first-mover advantage

  • stats

    Cost and efficiency

    improved cost-income ratios

  • stats

    Customer behaviour and demand

    expectations of digital services

  • stats


    tougher reporting requirements

  • stats


    pushing technology solutions

  • Strategies

    It’s important to move forward in small steps to minimise risk, and retain employee engagement.

  • Strategies

    Organisations adopting the agile approach are developing completely new value propositions delivered through digital channels.

  • Strategies

    Omnichannel solutions ensure that customers can interact with leasing companies in whichever way they choose.

The digital journey

  • 21

    have begun a full transformation

  • 24

    are developing mobility and pay-per-use

  • 31

    are agile

  • 34

    are developing omnichannel solutions

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