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Proven Performance

Proven Performance

Proven Performance 02
Proven Performance

With an excellent project delivery history over three decades, Alfa and Alfa Systems support some of the largest and most complex equipment and automotive finance portfolios in the industry.

Delivering proven functionality and performance each and every time, Alfa’s track record is unrivalled.

With more than 30 blue-chip customers and over 100 portfolio migrations, we maintain exceptional customer satisfaction and have never failed to deliver on project objectives. As demonstrated by our diverse client base, Alfa Systems handles contract volumes of all sizes, from typical operations to the largest portfolios in equipment and auto finance.

Alfa Systems is so easy to configure that we don’t need to be technical experts in it; we have the partnership with Alfa, and this enables us to be experts in our own products and our own market.”
Robin Jeffrey, Head of Transformation, Hampshire Trust Bank

Our solutions are designed with scalability and agility at the forefront, ensuring that our customers can not only react the quickest in a changing market, but also lead the market through innovation.

In 2020, our customers had everything they needed to help their own customers through the pandemic. Our clients were able to respond to customer requirements instantly, with out-of-the-box functionality that updates deals quickly and at scale, performing the calculations and showing the changes immediately. Using Alfa Systems, they were able to process thousands of payment deferrals in a matter of minutes.

Ultimately, Alfa Systems helps us to focus on what matters most - our partners and end customers, providing fast and effective finance on Point of Sale and a consistent service delivery from deal inception through to end of lease.”
Chief Operating Officer, PEAC Finance

We attribute a great deal of our performance prowess to our project teams. By choosing Alfa, you benefit from an implementation team with unrivalled understanding and experience of the asset finance industry. Our ethos is to work in partnership with you, rather than act solely as a supplier; your success is crucial to us, and our historic success rates are testament to this.