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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

14 Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Alfa Systems' business intelligence solution provides real-time data and insights, custom reports and pluggable data APIs.

Our expertise and experience ensure that you are provided with a smooth integration of Alfa Systems into your existing data architecture; or for a greenfield implementation, a simple, functional turnkey solution.

Alfa Systems' Operational Data Store (ODS) presents financial, operational, customer and portfolio data in one easy-access, real-time repository. Real-time data allows you to provide customised analytical dashboards, allowing your teams to make key decisions on up-to-the-minute information on transactions and activity within Alfa Systems.

Alfa’s BI solution transforms raw, unstructured data into useful information for business analysis, so we can identify trends, behaviour and other insights."
Alfa customer

Automated nightly snapshots provide data for easy ingestion to data warehouses and data lakes, and support for reconciliation.

Alfa Reporting allows the configuration of custom reports, which can be parameterised, scheduled, provided in various formats, and easily extracted to other systems. Exposed via REST, reports can also easily be turned into customisable real-time data APIs.

Contact us to find out more about Alfa Systems' Business Intelligence solution.

Fundamental tools like reports - instead of being a hindrance - provide us and our partners with greater insight.”
Daniel Bailey, Executive Director, Arkle Finance