Our People

We can offer you a future in consulting or solution architecture at one of our US locations, Metro Detroit, MI or Dallas, TX. You could even find yourself at our London HQ or on one of a range of international assignments.

Charlie Radford

My Management Information Systems degree from the University of Texas served as a great base for performing well at Alfa. I knew I wanted to do something that leveraged technical skills while also using business and people skills, and implementation consulting has been an avenue to use all of those tools. From working under highly technical individuals in the office, configuring AWS or programming in Java, to traveling to work with clients at their sites on more functional issues, I've had solid opportunities to learn and improve.

A saying I like to live by is, ‘If you're not enjoying yourself or improving yourself, you're wasting your time.' At Alfa, I do both.

Since I've been at Alfa, which is for over a year and a half, I've lived or commuted regularly to five different cities. Seeing different cities has definitely improved my perspective since I hadn't lived anywhere other than Texas before that. The initial training right out of college sent our intake to London for five weeks of Java training. Talk about a shock right out of the gate! Alfa's work-life balance and social connectivity is what sets the company apart for me. While working in LA, I was the only American in the entire office, which was awesome. The general culture encourages connecting with your coworkers and makes for a pleasant workplace environment. I didn't realize I was going to make lifelong friends at my place of work, but I'm not complaining!

Samantha Rahmani

I found Alfa almost by accident. I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan, so when I was preparing for the career fair I had made a list of all these big name chemical companies I thought I should work for. I spent hours in line waiting to talk to representatives and at the end of the day as everyone was packing up posters and booths I just wandered around Pierpont Commons until I stumbled upon the Alfa table. I hadn't planned on applying to a software company, but now I'm very glad I did.

I joined Alfa because I was excited to work with clients in a challenging environment. While that has held true, I've stayed because I enjoy working in the community and culture that Alfa fosters.

Other than the one semester of coding I was required to take as a freshman in Engineering, I had avoided it whenever possible. I was convinced I was bad at coding, and so I would forever be bad at coding. Since joining Alfa I have been shocked at how much code I have been able to learn in such a short amount of time. The training program at Alfa was intense – three weeks at the headquarters in London, followed by 10 weeks at the Michigan office – but the company sets you up for success and helps you find roles that are challenging and exciting to you. Whether you're interested in more technical work, functional work, or somewhere in between there's an opportunity for you somewhere, and plenty of people who will help you reach it!

The level of support and guidance I've experienced at Alfa is unlike anything I expected. Everyone makes time to answer questions or help you solve a problem. The company values open communication, and I have been as welcomed to chat with the CEO as I would with any peer. I'm encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance. And Alfa understands that hard work should be paired with some fun – company conferences take place every year in great locations, and there are always events and social activities going on in the community.

Jesse Minchey

I graduated from the University of Texas in 2018 with a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a minor in Creative Writing. The main reason I pursued MIS was because I wanted to be at the intersection of business, technology, and people. This was a major reason I chose Alfa, and the new grad program afforded me plenty of opportunities to learn in all three of these spaces. During training, I came in every day ready to learn new things from excellent teachers. As a consequence, I felt that I had all the tools I needed when training was over. In my case, I went on to work in a small internal team to develop a new testing framework and improve existing ones. It's exciting. The learning never truly stops, and neither do the opportunities to try something new.

I believe that such an energizing atmosphere is rare, and is what makes Alfa an incredible place to work.

There is also something to be said about Alfa's people, whom, combined with the size of the company, create a unique atmosphere. Everyone I've met at the company genuinely puts forth their best effort, and that inspires trust, professionalism, camaraderie, and honesty. 

Josephine Thomas

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 with dual degrees in Finance and Sociology. When looking for career opportunities in my senior year, I wanted a job that would let me work with technology and finance while also offering opportunities to work with people. Alfa met all of my requirements and then some.

My roles have enabled me to take on significant responsibility with clients. I work with senior client staff to design their future-state business processes and see first-hand how Alfa fits in with their needs. There are new challenges each day, which keep the work interesting and allow me to learn and improve continuously. There is a highly collaborative environment across projects, which permits me to team up with people all over the world with a variety of expertise and perspectives to find the best solution on an issue.

Being at Alfa has enabled me to explore both technical and business/functional opportunities. The training is rigorous but covers everything you need to succeed at this company. You build development skills from the ground up, which I appreciated coming in without a technical background.

I particularly enjoy the hackathons and innovation events because I can be creative and experience different technologies outside my day-to-day routine. The absolute best thing about Alfa is the support I receive from  those around me. Whether taking on a more challenging role on project, learning a new coding language, or developing new skills, I have encouragement all along the way. The culture at Alfa is phenomenal. Work-life balance is hard to find in the consulting industry, but it is very important here. The quarterly meetings are a great way to stay connected to the different locations and do fun group activities. The company conferences are always at an interesting location and are some of my favorite experiences at Alfa. Everyone is very friendly so even meeting a new colleague at these events is like bumping into someone you've known for ages.