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Job Opportunities at Alfa

Alfa offers a wide spectrum of roles, from purely technical to business analyst, sales and client-facing, and all central function roles.

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Joining our team

Software Architect Roles

We offer a number of experienced professional opportunities across a wide variety of functions. For the technical and Implementation Consultant roles, you can specialize or mix roles to suit your skills and interests.

If you are an experienced senior applicant, you can expect to progress quickly to an appropriate role for your experience. This might include more senior Architecture, QA Engineers or even Sales or Consultancy.

When you join, your role will be determined based on experience and preferences, and it can vary over time. For the architects and consultants, lateral movements are welcomed, even encouraged, with no fear of loss of seniority. Want to join as an architect but not sure whether you are interested in progressing to management or consultancy? Prefer the idea of both? We can accommodate you. Want to get out of architecture entirely? Movement into our consultancy projects – and back – is a common occurrence. We’ll always encourage you to grow with us.

Implementation Consultant Roles

We bring our industry-leading software platform to clients, so they can do business around the world. Supporting all types of auto, equipment and wholesale finance business, our software platform uses leading-edge digital technologies to deliver proven functionality and performance. Our customers use Alfa Systems to administer both retail and corporate business, from point of sale, through originations, to contract management and remarketing. Alfa Systems manages both high-volume transactions and complex leases and loans, in any region, language and currency.

As an Implementation Consultant you will work effectively as part of a project team, implementing our leading software at large banks and finance companies. The job comprises of working with Alfa colleagues, customers and implementation partners.

Central Functions

As a company we have come a very long way. We know that a large part of that is down to our exceptional leadership and the quality of our people. We also know that, with the right people, we can continue to grow. Stay up to date on opportunities and news from us.

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