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Middle Office

Middle Office

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Middle Office

Middle Office in Alfa Systems allows your operation to run at greater efficiency, enabling greater throughput and business growth.

With automated, transparent credit decisioning and sophisticated document and payout handling, Alfa Systems gives you further control through credit bureau integration, customisable underwriting screens and scorecards.

Alfa iQ integration provides class-leading support for decisions using advanced machine learning techniques, augmenting the automated decisioning support provided by Alfa Systems.

Workflow in Alfa Systems allows you to control task management, notification, escalation and workforce management; then automate system behaviour using Business Rules, reducing operating costs and providing better customer service. Read more in Business Process Automation.

Alfa’s document management features include e-signature support, and let you integrate with any dedicated solution or use your own templates. All of your letters, statements and invoices are attached automatically to the customer or contract for future reference. You can generate documents at strategic points in the lifecycle, or automatically in volume, with tracking and audit built in.

With anti-money laundering, accounts payable and title management facilities also available, your operations run at greater efficiency, enabling greater throughput and business growth.

We can now configure our middle office processes visually, ensuring they are consistent, repeatable and compliant.”
Alfa customer

Credit management

  • Automated credit decisioning
  • Bureau integration
  • Customisable underwriting screens
  • Instant views of exposure at all levels
  • Configurable, rules-driven business processes
  • Sophisticated payout handling

Document management

  • e-signature support
  • Document generation, storage, tracking and audit
...with Alfa Systems we have full and immediate control over product configuration, enabling us to deliver flexible lending products to meet the needs of our clients. As well as this, fundamental tools like business processes and reports - instead of being a hindrance - provide us and our partners with greater insight.”
Daniel Bailey, Executive Director, Arkle Finance