Digital Capabilities

Alfa Digital Mockup

Digital technologies allow opportunities for improvement and better customer engagement through intelligent processes. Subsequently, intelligent data analytics tools, collaboration technologies and mobility solutions can be adapted to effect real change in your organisation.

Once integrated into your infrastructure, Alfa Systems seamlessly consolidates all your existing processes to enable digitalisation within your business.

Through collaborative "design thinking" methodology, we'll help you develop and implement an effective digital strategy, making sure your digital transformation is a smooth one.

  • Understand your digital vision, unique requirements and pain points
  • Explore options available in Alfa Systems for achieving the solution you want, through continual prototyping
  • Materialise a finely tuned and tailored platform, and integrate it into your proposition

The Alfa Digital Readiness Assessment

Designed specifically for asset finance organisations, our Digital Readiness Assessment will help you overcome the myths and perceived barriers around digitalisation in your business. In this assessment, we will:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve your understanding
  • Identify your "digital gap"
  • Help you develop a viable digital strategy

Contact us now to take the assessment.

Our digital insights and solutions


Digital Directions: Exploring digitalisation in the asset finance industry

We surveyed a cross-section of asset finance industry leaders to understand how they view digitalisation, what their strategies are, and the nature of the barriers they face.


Alfa Mobility: Our innovative mobility solution

The world of auto finance and ownership is changing. We can help you extend your auto finance offering to meet the emerging trend for new mobility concepts.