Futureproof your asset finance.

The number one software choice for asset finance companies, worldwide.


Alfa Systems is at the heart of some of the world’s largest and most innovative asset finance companies.

Supporting all types of auto, equipment and wholesale finance business, our software platform uses leading-edge digital technologies to deliver proven functionality and performance.

Our customers use Alfa Systems to administer both retail and corporate business, from point of sale, through originations, to contract management and remarketing. Alfa Systems manages both high-volume transactions and complex leases and loans, in any region, language and currency.

Backed by Alfa Systems, our omnichannel digital solution delivers the latest concepts such as self-serve, customer onboarding and mobility, as well as traditional point of sale functionality, across multiple devices.

Through collaborative "design thinking" methodology, we'll help you develop and implement an effective digital strategy, making sure your digital transformation is a smooth one.

  • Understand your digital vision, unique requirements and pain points
  • Explore options available in Alfa Systems for achieving the solution you want, through continual prototyping
  • Materialise a finely tuned and tailored platform, and integrate it into your proposition


Unify, connect and adapt - in one versatile platform.

Alfa Systems can perform as a point or end-to-end solution. Integrate Alfa Systems into your existing stack, or consolidate all your systems on our single platform.


  • Complete asset classification
  • Master agreements and pipeline management
  • Templates and business rules
  • Automated, real-time credit decisions
  • Identical pricing engine for quotation and in-life changes


  • Custom-built digital apps
  • Responsive UI for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Multiple brands
  • Systemised vendor relationships
  • Optimised communication between sales and underwriting

Five differentiators.

This is why our customers choose Alfa Systems.

Unify your systems.

Avoid systems spaghetti - consolidate disparate legacy systems, integrations and workarounds. Remove inefficiency and complexity by using a single platform with a single database.

Innovate and challenge in multiple markets.

Multientity, multiregulatory, multicurrency and multilingual. React quickly in a complex and changing market. Adapt to match business requirements and customer needs as they evolve.

Create an omnichannel experience.

Empower customers, dealers and vendors through enhanced self-service and omnichannel technology. Operate a clear and complete picture of the customer journey, from onboarding, throughout in-life management to end of term and retention.

Perform through leading-edge tech.

Count on a comprehensive service-oriented architecture, and design your own API into the system. Exploit a 100% web and app UI alongside reliable, scalable performance, proven for a 10 million-contract portfolio.

Achieve operational agility.

Streamline operations through process automation, across different functions and geographies. Achieve greater control, connected processes and a seamless flow of information.

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