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Real-Time Accuracy and Compliance

Real-Time Accuracy and Compliance

10 Real Time Accuracy And Compliance
Real-Time Accuracy and Compliance

Alfa Systems is built with flexibility in mind for complex organisations - especially those who offer many products in multiple states and countries.

Accounting and finance professionals face a host of intricate business challenges and increasing regulatory complexity, which necessitates automation of financial transactions, traceability, and agility. They also play a critical role in developing the digital strategy that is essential to the ongoing success of the organisation.

Furthermore, automation brings greater opportunities for the profession as it helps reduce transactional and routine tasks such as data entry, book-keeping and compliance work, and allows accounting and finance professionals to focus more on creating value through business partnering; by working closely with the rest of the organisation, they can provide insights and influence the decision-making process.

Accounting is central to how Alfa Systems is built, providing a complete transaction-based accounting system for the asset finance industry. Financial transactions are always accounted for alongside the associated operational transaction, ensuring access to real-time, auditable information. Postings generated at the lowest level of detail enable reconciliation of general ledger accounts back to source operational transactions through Alfa Systems’ operational data store. Read more in Business Intelligence.

Alfa’s meticulous approach and willingness to go the extra mile ensured we were compliant well before the deadline for the new regulations, and able to adapt to other changes.”

Alfa Systems is built with flexibility in mind for multi-product, multi-regional organisations, with highly configurable parameters. The system is designed to support multi-regulatory financial environments from within a single instance, including multiple accounting methods and tax reporting. Alfa Systems’ multi-GAAP functionality allows the generation of different accounting views for the same contract, including postings to the general ledger.

Through proven capability to interface with industry-standard general ledger packages, Alfa Systems seamlessly integrates into the wider finance landscape. Alfa Systems enables flexibility and control over finance processes, facilitating better and faster decision making.

Alfa Systems' bulletproof accounting engine and automated invoicing, billing and payments have given us a massive efficiency boost.”
Alfa customer

With Alfa Systems’ robust accounting engine, organisations of all sizes and complexities can achieve their finance transformational goals, eliminating inefficient, manually intensive processes to realise their strategic vision.