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Hannah Coral

Hannah Coral

BSc Physics, University of Bristol

I started at Alfa in October 2014 having taken a year out after completing a degree in Physics. Though I was unsure of exactly which field I wanted to go into, Alfa appealed to me as it spans both the IT and Consulting industries and provided an opportunity to learn to be a software developer. I had touched on some programming as part of my degree, but wasn’t particularly confident and so I was grateful for the chance to learn whilst being able apply these new skills. I was also impressed by the job review profiles I had read, which praised the people and working environment at Alfa, and I can now honestly say that this is still a highlight of working here.

After the initial induction training, in which we were taught both the technical essentials and any Asset Finance basics needed for the role, I was assigned to a project on a client site. My team was responsible for supporting the Alfa Systems software platform, which had been fully implemented several years earlier. As a Junior Consultant, my primary responsibility was to code system enhancements and fixes, but I was exposed to the entire life cycle of each item I worked on, from the initial requirements and design right through to its deployment.

I was subsequently invited to join a new Alfa Change Management team created to assist one of our larger North American automotive finance clients. The project is based in Texas, which seemed like a world away from London, and at first I was apprehensive about the transition but Alfa does everything possible to ensure things run smoothly, and the team out here has really helped me to settle in - rodeos and all!

I work on the client site and receive daily exposure to the business users, focussing more on the functional consulting side of the role. Where some Alfa employees may lean towards specialising in the technical development of the Alfa product, I chose to focus more on helping the client’s business to support and manage functional change, enabling them to utilise, enhance and tailor Alfa Systems in the most effective way. This project has provided me with a great opportunity to develop the product alongside the users and engage in one of the largest platform migrations for an automotive finance company in America. It has been a privilege to play a part in such a huge project.

During my time at Alfa I have always received the necessary support, and been given ample responsibility at such an early stage in my career, and this has really helped to boost my development. Each project has challenged me and there is certainly a steep learning curve in the first year here, but everyone is more than willing to help and guide you.

Minhaal Manji

Minhaal Manji

BSc Mathematics, Imperial College London 

University presented a huge range of career options, but none had quite the day-to-day challenge of working closely with high-profile clients and delivering real changes to improve business processes as IT consulting does.

My graduate career at Alfa commenced with an intensive training regime in autumn 2013. Training covered a range of industry concepts, from the basics of software coding to accounting principles, leaving me well prepared for IT consulting in the asset finance industry. After four weeks in the training room at Alfa’s City headquarters, it was out into the real world of work for my first client project.

Since training, I have worked on many projects across four high-profile client projects across London, allowing me to meet and work with new people and cultures. On every client project, I have been part of a small and dynamic team where the work ethos is collaborative and supportive. As the team sizes are small, consultants are given real responsibilities and carry Alfa’s valuable brand with their work. One of the best things about working at Alfa is seeing your work being delivered to your current client project, and making a direct impact on their business.

Recently I was given an incredible opportunity of leading an infrastructure upgrade and migration project which was over 100 working days. This involved my working collaboratively with our client and their respective technology suppliers, enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of how complex financial IT systems fit together. Currently, I am working on delivering a new Europe-wide payments system for the same client and will soon be working with them to ensure they meet new regulatory requirements and accounting standards. Working on very diverse projects such as technology infrastructure, business functions and financial regulations enables consultants to gain and maintain a broad skills base.

Working with technology can be challenging. However, Alfa does not require graduates to have technical programming or computing backgrounds, and this allows for a diverse and varied workforce. I had studied Mathematics at university, and the challenge of learning new programming methods and computing ideas allows me to continue developing throughout my graduate career.

The work-life balance at Alfa is second to none. Most consultants work between 9am and 6pm, and working late is rare, only occurring when project deadlines approach. Alfa also hosts company away days every quarter, enabling consultants to have an enjoyable day discovering how other client projects are progressing and partaking in fun team-building exercises.

I would definitely recommend applying for graduate opportunities at Alfa as I have been able to work on fascinating projects, meet and interact with a broad range of people, and develop as an individual both personally and professionally.

Alex Anthony

Alex Anthony

MChem Chemistry, Oxford University

I started at Alfa after finishing my Chemistry degree - not the most obvious route into IT and finance. I was interested in doing some software development, but didn’t want to be pigeonholed as just a developer. Alfa seemed to offer the right mixture of technical work and the opportunity to develop consulting skills.

In the first weeks of core training, we learned the background to the asset finance business, and the basic technical skills to get started. After we finished training, I was assigned my first client project – in New Zealand! I spent a year living and working in Auckland, which was a great chance to both get some travelling done and experience a slightly different working culture. Although I was a long way from the main Alfa office, they made sure that I continued to develop my skills, and I was given the chance to take leadership on particular pieces of work for the client.

Since I’ve been back in London, my time has been split between being on the client’s site and at the Alfa office.  On the client site, we work closely with the client staff and build good working relationships. It’s good to catch up and collaborate with other consultants from other projects when back in the Alfa office.

I’ve picked up multiple programming languages in my time at Alfa (nearly two years), and have really enjoyed the technical side of my role, which initially I wasn’t completely sure about. I also enjoy the small company atmosphere – we work together well, and also socialise together, with the Friday pub group being particularly popular.