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We can offer you a future in software engineering or consulting - whichever you prefer. Alfa careers are for people of all academic backgrounds and will see you working at our London HQ, at one of our US locations, or on one of a range of international assignments.

Akalja Logeswaran

Akalja Logeswaran

Software Engineer
Background: MEng Biomedical Engineering

Whilst studying Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, I'd had a go at basic coding. I realised I enjoyed it and began looking into related career opportunities. Alfa was a great choice for me as it allows me to pursue a career in both technology and finance.

My induction group consisted of graduates from all disciplines, and between us we had varying levels of technical knowledge, but the training structure meant we were all well supported. We started off with four weeks of training, including the basics of asset finance, an introduction to the product, a week of Java, the other technologies used at Alfa, and a lot more.

The thing that really sets Alfa apart for me is the work-life balance and the great culture, with plenty of social activities organised by the company.

This was a great opportunity to meet lots of my new colleagues from the moment we started, as each session was delivered by someone new. Following this, we moved into six weeks of development training where we were able to apply our new skills under close supervision. This was really beneficial for the transition onto my first role on a development team.

Even though there was a steep learning curve, the collaborative, open environment we have here made it easy to learn from people at all levels in the company. The extensive training and support available means there's always an opportunity to develop your skills, whether your focus is functional or technical.

On top of the many events we get to enjoy, there are so many opportunities to sign up for, including six days of paid volunteering.

Adam Morrison

Background: BA(Hons) History

One of my friends had joined the graduate programme and told me all about how Alfa could be a really rewarding place to work. Like many graduates who join Alfa I had no technical experience before I arrived, but the induction training was incredibly thorough and supportive. Within only six weeks, I was already out working at a client's offices!

It's not possible to talk about my experience with Alfa without discussing the social side of the business: we really are very well looked after!

The asset finance industry came as a bit of a surprise. I was taken aback by how interesting it can be. Every training session on what our clients do gives a bit more detail on the financial world, and offers real insight into how our work affects both our clients and their customers. My roles have been with some of Alfa's longest-held clients, and this has offered an enormous range of problemsolving opportunities. Working so

closely with the clients themselves has brought the opportunity to learn about the full breadth of requirements they have, meaning no two weeks are ever alike.

Throughout the year, the company puts on special events to bring everyone together. These meetings often shed light on parts of the business that I don't get to see every day - and always include us being spoiled in some way. I always get the impression that Alfa takes my work-life balance seriously. At this point, there are many avenues my career could go down and that's exciting. I'm very happy where I am and can't see that changing any time soon.