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Alfa Systems has been designed to enable our customers to extend and embed functionality throughout their asset finance systems landscapes, using industry-standard technologies and approaches.

To facilitate real-time data flow, customers are able to integrate Alfa Systems seamlessly with both leading-edge and legacy systems.

In the increasingly digitalised industry of asset finance, a robust solution API is a critical requirement. Alfa Systems' broad, highly granular API catalogue allows full control of the contract lifecycle. Associated processes can be controlled, and driven by, external systems; thus exposed in multiple technologies and providing power in the form you need it most.

Alfa seeks to design APIs, and Alfa Systems functionality used by APIs, such that logic is implemented through configuration wherever possible; for example, in features such as frame agreements, custom facts and workflow webhooks. This allows our customers to maintain their integrations’ behaviour without engaging a development team.

"Alfa Systems gives us key API capabilities that weren’t available in our legacy core banking platform, enabling us to launch a wider range of new products to the market, improve speed and efficiency, and offer a significantly improved service to our brokers and their customers."

Paul Bartley, Managing Director, Specialist Business Finance, HTB

Alfa Systems provides the tools and processes to enable the delivery of digital strategies which leverage the power of our customers’ systems, exposing and orchestrating various system APIs. Our customers customise their integrations in a way that best represents their business processes, providing simpler, dedicated endpoints that can be amended as their processes and requirements change.

  • More access, immediacy and control for consumers
  • Custom-built digital apps and self-serve solutions
  • Real-time integration
  • Simplified API combining data and function from multiple systems
  • Custom endpoints over Alfa Systems' extensive API and others
  • Orchestrated system APIs across business processes

The Alfa Systems solution is a Java-based, strongly typed, object-oriented programming environment that allows developers to produce integration flows easily, including flow visualisations. It is built on best-of-breed open-source tools, providing a production-proven, flexible toolbox for building integration components.

"We now operate a far more integrated and robust solution, and with Alfa’s support we have been able to seamlessly integrate our end-to-end business processes. Our entire operational arm is now able to work more cohesively using integrated customer case management and highly configurable workflow, ultimately enabling PEAC to better service its customer and partner base.”

PEAC Solutions

Alfa consultants have a wealth of experience in enterprise integration patterns, cross-system architecture and the leasing industry in general, and this allows us to collaborate with our customers on overall solution architecture, integration design, and the development of integration flows, incrementally instantiating customer ownership of integration flow configuration.

Integration Partners

As the drive for integration of products and services continues, Alfa is always looking to engage with other solutions providers to enhance our product’s functional reach. If you believe that your equipment or automotive finance solution could integrate with Alfa as part of an enterprise implementation, we’d love to hear from you.

The Alfa Systems solution has been successfully integrated with hundreds of different products in diverse areas. Recent examples include:

  • Vehicle data and services
  • Fraud detection
  • Tax, ebilling and payment processing
  • Compliance
  • Documentation
  • Collections and loss mitigation
  • Originations
  • Auction
  • Accounts payable and general ledger
  • Customer and dealer portals
  • Dealer management systems