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Excellence in legacy data migration.

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Alfa’s unparallelled knowledge and experience in data migration enables our customers to integrate their legacy data into Alfa Systems - quickly, accurately and completely.

Data migration is a vital component of any IT platform change. Ensuring that all legacy data is moved onto a new system, so that the old asset finance platform can be decommissioned, is fundamental to the success of any software implementation project.

At Alfa, we know how challenging this process is, and how important it is to get it right the first time. Our 30 years’ experience migrating millions of units of data from customers’ legacy platforms onto Alfa Systems has enabled us to build specific functional tools for data migration, ensuring success for every migration and every customer.

"We were delighted at the speed with which we were able to onboard the new portfolio to Alfa Systems, without the need for system enhancements - which reinforced our decision to implement Alfa Systems originally."

Steve Charlton, Managing Director, PEAC Solutions

Using the Alfa Migration Suite, we undertake end-to-end data migration in several sequential steps:

  • Initial data mapping and planning
  • Bespoke data reconciliation
  • Manual and trial migrations using sample sets
  • Rigorous testing and scheduling of full-volume migration with several test runs
  • Frequent user acceptance testing of trial migrations
  • Meticulously planned and practised live migration

These carefully designed steps ensure that every unit of data is accounted for and tested, and every potential reconciliation error is identified and resolved in advance of the live migration. Our iterative testing plan and migration tools guarantee a successful full-volume data migration that is fast and accurate.

"Alfa helped design our migration approach to accommodate the differences between the source and target systems, as well as other complexities, while maximising the efficiency and accuracy of the migration.”

Alfa customer

We have the capability to:

  • Analyse and transform your data
  • Migrate your full catalogue in one stage or as a series
  • Handle moving millions of records at the same time
  • Migrate data from multiple legacy platforms

In one recent example, the Alfa Systems implementation consolidated three legacy contract management systems. Alfa successfully migrated 1m contracts from two legacy systems and a consolidated customer extract, and merged this data into Alfa Systems which already contained 80,000 commercial contracts. This migration was performed over a single weekend.

In another recent example, the cross-functional Alfa and customer team successfully migrated data from eight legacy systems to two primary target and six secondary platforms. This migration comprised an $80bn asset portfolio, 6.5m customer records and 4.7m customer contracts.

"Alfa’s people are specialists with extensive experience migrating large portfolios to the Alfa Systems platform, and together we formed a single team with all the knowledge, skills and focus to deliver a successful data migration.”

Alfa customer