Alfa joins the Open Invention Network

Alfa is proud to become a member of the Open Invention Network, joining some of the world's biggest technology companies.
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Open Invention Network

Established in 2005, the Open Invention Network (OIN) is the world’s largest patent non-aggression community. It removes patent friction in core open-source technologies, which are shared to drive innovation.

“Having contributed both personally and corporately to open-source projects, I’m proud that Alfa has taken this next step in demonstrating the importance of open-source software to modern technology platforms, and the kind of action corporations can take to support it.”

Andrew Flegg, CTO, Alfa

The Open Invention Network

OIN safeguards developers, distributors and users of open-source software from organisations that could leverage intellectual property to hinder growth and innovation. This is done by acquiring, developing and sharing IP to promote a collaborative Linux ecosystem.

About Open Source and Linux

OSS is the embodiment of human intelligence and ingenuity behind nearly every human electronic touchpoint. The most successful OSS project, Linux, is a key foundation for everything from mobile phones to cloud and AI services. 

Selection of organisations that are members of the Open Invention Network

Selection of the world's biggest technology companies that are members of the Open Invention Network

Promoting Innovation

Innovation is a continual process which lies at the heart of Alfa, and open-source software is essential to the fostering of collaboration in the global economy. With this approach, Alfa has been able to open source some of its tooling, libraries and frameworks, contributing this value to the collective commons.

With shared aims of promoting greater diversity in thought, perspective and talent that foster higher levels of innovation, Alfa is delighted to become a member of OIN, and with over 3800 members spanning over 20 industries, it joins some of the world's biggest technology companies including IBM, Philips, Google, Amazon, Toyota, Sony and NEC.