Alfa Announces Sixth Iteration of the Alfa Systems Software Platform

Alfa announces the upcoming launch of Alfa Systems 6 - a breakthrough iteration of its software platform.
A banner showing Alfa Systems 6 and the strapline "Evolving asset finance software"

Alfa is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Alfa Systems 6 - a breakthrough iteration of its software platform.

Delivered in a series of releases over the coming year, Alfa Systems 6 introduces significant performance and functional enhancements, with a focus on addressing the dynamic challenges and opportunities facing the asset finance industry.

The asset finance landscape is constantly evolving, marked by challenges such as sustainability reporting, green financing, post-Covid complexities, and economic fluctuations. Alfa recognises these challenges, and we are committed to helping our customers thrive.

Alfa Systems 6 will give our customers everything they need to tackle those challenges and capitalise on opportunities - without requiring them to change their infrastructure. If you’re a current Alfa Systems customer who takes upgrades, you will be able to implement these improvements as they are released throughout the year, leading up to the complete launch of Alfa Systems 6 next October.

Emily Hammond, Alfa’s Head of Product

A vision for the future of our product

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Frictionless for existing customers, Alfa Systems 6 is founded upon six pillars: Efficiency, Total Capability, Sustainability, Scalability, Collaborative Ecosystem, and Intelligent Automation.

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