Alfa ESG: 2023 Sustainability Progress Report

artwork for alfa sustainability report

We’re delighted to publish our first Sustainability Progress Report, a summary of all the great things we did across 2023 in the Environmental, Social and Governance spaces.

This report follows Alfa’s recent announcement for the release of Sustainability, the third of six releases that make up Alfa Systems 6 - a breakthrough iteration of its Alfa Systems software platform.

Sustainability in Alfa Systems 6 offers powerful new capabilities to address the evolving needs of the equipment and auto finance industries, particularly those providers who are driven by sustainability and changing business models.

"Announcing Sustainability in Alfa Systems 6 alongside our Sustainability Progress Report is a tremendous step for Alfa. It reflects our genuine commitment to sustainability, showing how deeply embedded this value is within our company culture. Together, these releases contribute to our mission to empower our customers, and underscore our dedication to environmental responsibility."

Grahame Williams, Associate Director and ESG Lead

Alfa ESG: 2023 Sustainability Progress Report

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artwork for Alfa's 2023 sustainability report

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