Lifecycle Components in Alfa Systems
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Flexible automation enabling sophisticated customer and dealer self-serve.

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Alfa Systems allows you to automate your servicing requirements flexibly, enabling sophisticated customer and dealer self-serve, and empowering your users.

Powerful workflow and business rule capabilities allow your processes to be mapped directly into the system and standardised across the business, automating all of your invoicing, payments and accounting for a wide range of assets in multiple jurisdictions.

"Alfa Systems' bulletproof accounting engine and automated invoicing, billing and payments have given us a massive efficiency boost."

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Sophisticated routing of cases, controlled by business rules, allows any mix of manual and automated steps, enabling intelligent automation of tasks and allocation of work to users. Read more in Process Automation.

Furthermore, workflow configuration ensures users have the right tools at their fingertips to complete their task, whether performing a restructure, reversal or payoff, or processing customer record changes.

Any contractual changes to lease agreements can be changed or reversed at any time, with no need for rebooking. Alfa maintains a complete audit history, detailing all changes and transactions performed across the system, including before-and-after snapshots.

All of Alfa Systems’ servicing functionality can be exposed to dealers and customers to allow sophisticated self-serve through digital apps and APIs. Read more in Extensible Platform.

"Alfa’s comprehensive documentation was highly valuable, especially around workflow and collections - which was thrust into the spotlight by Covid.”

Robin Jeffery, Head of Transformation, Hampshire Trust Bank

Leases, loans and hire purchase

  • Sophisticated pricing and accounting engine
  • Product support across multiple jurisdictions
  • Tax solver integration
  • Identical pricing engine for quotation and in-life changes
  • Support for securitising contracts individually or in bulk

Customer, asset and contract servicing

  • Ability to change or reverse any transaction
  • Automation through business rules and workflow
  • Customer and dealer self-serve through apps and APIs
  • Restructures through wizards and in bulk
  • Automated invoicing, billing and payments


  • Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business, including complex leases and loans, usage-based products and risk-free rates. Read more in Expansive Product Support.
  • Multicountry features in Alfa Systems cover all of the languages, currencies and accounting standards required by a complex, geographically dispersed business. Read more in Multicountry.
  • Alfa Systems is built for finance and accounting professionals, who face a host of intricate challenges and increasing regulatory complexity, and require automation of financial transactions, traceability, and agility. Read more in Accuracy and Compliance.