Lifecycle Components in Alfa Systems
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Enabling complicated and costly high-volume processes to be handled with minimal effort.

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A single platform for all your asset and auto finance transactions, the always-on Alfa Systems supports the full customer and dealer journey. But it also offers the industry’s standout solution for wholesale floorplan business, selected time after time by the leading operators.

Alfa Systems manages the entire unit lifecycle for wholesale floorplan financing. Delivered to dealers, distributors, auditors and finance providers via a customisable user interface and authority model, our wholesale floorplan financing software enables complicated and costly high-volume business processes to be handled with minimal effort.

Alfa Systems supports product sets required by dealers, including commercial loans, retail commission, cash accounts, interest-offset accounts and dealer reserves.

"Because of the single-system nature, our wholesale assets are easily quoted and transferred onto retail contracts, giving us accurate whole-life profitability."

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Wholesale in Alfa Systems incorporates high levels of automation, especially mass or bulk changes, including for interest rates, capital repayments/instalments (curtailments) and contract restructuring. Workflow and business rules provide excellent support in configuring your business processes to take place automatically without human input, wherever that is possible.

The value of running your wholesale or floorplan finance business on Alfa Systems is considerable. Our customers often consolidate an array of existing systems, utilities and workarounds, creating a highly simplified systems landscape.

Those who also onboard a retail portfolio enjoy a single view of retail and wholesale, and are able to net wholesale transactions off against each automatically. Only when you are using a single platform can the same vehicle in wholesale become a contract in your retail business.