Case Study

Focusing on the Customer at PEAC Finance

Working together with partners and brokers alike, PEAC Finance delivers innovative financial solutions across Europe, funding a wide range of asset classes, from office technology and software to manufacturing and plant equipment.

"The seamless nature and connectivity of the new platform enable both the front- and back-office teams to access the same end customer and partner data, allowing for a truly unified customer view and enhanced data integrity. Ultimately, Alfa Systems helps us to focus on what matters most - our partners and end-customers, providing fast and effective finance on Point of Sale and a consistent service delivery from deal inception through to end of lease."

Louise O’Connell, Chief Operating Officer, PEAC Finance

How Alfa helped

Following PEAC's acquisition by HPS Investment Partners in January 2016, PEAC needed to meet a challenging deadline of less than a year to identify, build and deliver a new contract management platform. The integration of Alfa Systems ensured PEAC's unique business requirements ran effectively whilst eliminating several historical processes and technical system silos.

Over the course of the year-long project, a team of 12 Alfa staff worked in partnership with PEAC on-site to design, configure, develop, test and implement its new asset finance platform.

Together Alfa and PEAC sought to understand how each of their core systems should integrate and function with the aim of streamlining PEAC's business processes and delivering fast, efficient finance at point of sale for PEAC's external partners.

Man typing on the computer keyboard

Developer at work

"Due to our change of ownership, we needed to find a new solution and re-platform all legacy systems very quickly. We now operate a far more integrated and robust solution and with Alfa’s support we have been able to seamlessly integrate our end-to-end business processes. Our entire operational arm is now able to work more cohesively using integrated customer case management and highly configurable workflow, ultimately enabling PEAC to better service its customer and partner base."

Louise O’Connell, Chief Operating Officer, PEAC Finance


Since go-live in May 2017, Alfa and PEAC have continued to work closely together to further develop a platform that works for PEAC's ongoing needs. Alfa Systems seamlessly consolidated seven different operating systems with multiple logons into a single platform, with only one login required. Alfa supports all aspects of the PEAC contract lifecycle: onboarding, operations, and processing, as well as finance and analytics. Crucially, many of PEAC's partners now use the same system as the internal sales support team to submit proposals via Alfa's front-end Point of Sale system. This has not only made the originations process faster and more efficient, but has enabled external partners to receive credit decisions online within a matter of seconds.

"As PEAC continues to grow and expand its European footprint, Alfa will continue to work with PEAC to support and maintain its existing implementation and to further develop and enhance critical functionality such as Point of Sale and scorecard integration."

Louise O’Connell, Chief Operating Officer, PEAC Finance

Better functionality

  • One system with one login
  • User-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use
  • Tailored workflow
  • Integrated case management

More efficient

  • Replaces seven core systems
  • Partners now use the same system as PEAC’s sales support team
  • Automated credit decisioning

Innovative technology

  • Less development time needed
  • Highly configurable workflow and business rules
  • Many APIs available, allowing PEAC to build interfaces without further technical development
  • Single database