Features of the Alfa Systems Platform
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Simplify and centralise countries and regions.

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Multicountry features in Alfa Systems cover all of the languages, currencies and accounting standards required by a complex, geographically dispersed business.

A multicountry rollout of new software is a complex undertaking. At Alfa, one of our key strengths is understanding the unique challenges this entails. We are adept at minimising the complexity, and futureproofing your multijurisdictional operations.

Alfa Systems’ multicountry functionality enables asset finance providers to use one platform across multiple companies and jurisdictions. By consolidating existing systems onto the Alfa Systems platform, our customers ensure that their local operations are simplified and centralised, configuring companies differently according to local requirements, and removing the need for multiple, region-specific platforms. Key benefits include:

  • Standardising reporting and business intelligence
  • All data on a single database
  • Centralising and harmonising business operations
  • Unifying systems

Alfa Systems is multilingual with Unicode support, meaning that business practices and processes can be utilised by end users in any country with no language barriers. Meanwhile, multicurrency functionality enables asset finance businesses to operate seamlessly across different geographies.

Through its multiregulatory features, Alfa Systems supports any number of different accounting standards for different companies, generating full accounting and reporting for both local and international standards.

"Alfa Systems was the cornerstone of our four-year, multi-phased project, which successfully harmonised and simplified systems and business processes across the continent.”

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Thanks to extensive documentation and comprehensive application ownership, Alfa provides customers with the self-sufficiency to grow and expand. This enables customers to add new countries or regions to their operations whenever they choose. Currently, one global bank is using Alfa Systems' asset finance software in 10 countries, and adding more countries each year without our assistance.

Alfa’s experience in assisting with multicountry implementation strategies sets us apart from our competitors. We have many such operations running for our customers in both automotive and equipment finance. Additionally, our extensive experience unifying legacy systems enables us to migrate all existing data from multiple different sources and geographies onto Alfa Systems.

"As a global bank which offers automotive finance in many countries, our requirements are complex. Today we run our operations on a stable, performant, extensible and future-proof platform throughout Europe and beyond. The platform is harmonised and operates on a truly global basis, and is ready for new regions to be incorporated.”

Alfa customer

Another of our current implementations, for a major transportation business, is joining 14 countries on the same database across Western and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, we are working with a Tier 1 European bank which has started a full roll-out in seven western European countries. Our strong multicountry delivery track record is why this household name chose Alfa.