Alfa Named as one of Monitor's Most Innovative Companies

Monitor's Most Innovative Culture 2021 cover

Alfa was listed in Monitor Magazine's Inaugural Most Innovative Companies edition, and awarded Most Innovative Culture.

Alfa is one of eight companies in the US equipment finance and leasing industry to be listed in Monitor Magazine's inaugural Most Innovative Companies edition, and has been awarded Most Innovative Culture.

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About the Monitor

The Monitor was launched in 1974 and has evolved into a leading trade publication in the US equipment finance and leasing industry. The magazine has seven annual magazine offerings that each include articles by industry specialists that cover dynamic unique content.

One of the most recognised magazine issues that the Monitor publishes every June is the popular Monitor 100, an annual ranking of the top 100 equipment finance and leasing companies in the US. The report has served as a benchmark for the US industry for over 20 years. You can learn more at

Innovation at Alfa

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Alfa. We host hackathons and innovation days regularly and have been able to continue these events even while working remotely. In addition, everyone benefits from their own innovation budget to kick-start their ideas, and lasting support to take them forwards. But innovation isn't just for our benefit; it's through innovation that we’ve been able to open-source some of our tooling, and share some of our internally written utilities with clients.

We believe innovation is also about more than just creating new features and solving problems. It’s about stimulating creativity, interaction and employee morale. In particular, the role played by our innovation days and the Hackathon throughout the pandemic has been critical to bringing the team together, and providing a healthy common focus.

Before you make innovation happen, you have to make it possible. This means putting in a framework that makes people feel comfortable to innovate, and making it clear that innovation is something you want and need in your business. If you provide a democratic, inclusive environment and invite a group of motivated people to go and get on with it, then you see the best bottom-up ideas and the biggest chance of success.

Andrew Denton, Alfa CEO