Alfa Listed as one of Monitor’s Most Innovative Companies

Monitor's most innovative culture award 2022 with Alfa CEO Andrew Denton

Alfa - Monitor's 2022 Most Innovative Companies

For the second year in a row, Alfa has been named as a Most Innovative Company in Monitor Magazine.

Alfa is one of four companies in the US equipment finance and leasing industry to be listed in Monitor Magazine's 2022 Most Innovative Companies edition, and has been awarded Most Innovative Culture.

You can read the interactive magazine here (p.37).

About the Monitor

The Monitor was launched in 1974 and has evolved into a leading trade publication in the US equipment finance and leasing industry. The magazine has seven annual magazine offerings that each include articles by industry specialists that cover dynamic unique content.

One of the most recognised magazine issues that the Monitor publishes every June is the popular Monitor 100, an annual ranking of the top 100 equipment finance and leasing companies in the US. The report has served as a benchmark for the US industry for over 20 years. You can learn more at

Innovation at Alfa

Alfa's commitment to global innovation has been constant throughout the pandemic. Throughout 2020 and 2021, our global innovation days brought teams together across the world and created a healthy common focus. In September 2021, we hosted our fully remote, global hackathon with the theme, "Anyone, Anywhere, Any Idea", to encapsulate and celebrate what the company had been doing since March 2020. 

The hackathon was a great success, with a myriad of exciting entries competing against one another. For example, innovation around the company's plans to adopt hybrid working, enhancing our enterprise application to facilitate environmental reporting, and implementing a system for documenting the best lunch spots near our offices.

"We believe innovation is about more than just creating new features and solving problems. It's about stimulating creativity, interaction and employee morale."

Andrew Denton, CEO