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Release 1: Efficiency (Dec 2023)

Introducing Compose: Fully optimised UX, with superpersonalised screen design.

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Delivered in a series of six releases, Alfa Systems 6 helps finance providers tackle the significant challenges they face, and seize the lucrative opportunities that lie waiting.

Existing Alfa Systems customers who take upgrades can subscribe to this functionality as it is released.

Why Efficiency?

When we talk to our customers - which we do a lot - they always tell us their greatest operational challenges are around efficiency, and achieving economies of scale.

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Alfa Systems already equips our customers with robust functionality that empowers them to replicate and automate their processes. This includes the ability to create customised fields, utilise manual and automated workflows incorporating a vast library of business rules, and leverage powerful integrations.

Our customers rely heavily on these tools, but we understand flexibility sometimes comes with additional complexity. Their feedback has emphasised the need to reduce clicks and streamline volume-intensive processes. So their users can enjoy the best of both worlds, we've taken action on their valuable feedback.

Introducing Compose: Superpersonalised screen design

Drawing on leading-edge technology frameworks, the team at Alfa have addressed the Efficiency challenge with a compelling innovation we call Compose.

Compose allows Alfa Systems users to create any number of highly personalised enquiry screens, featuring nothing but the information that’s essential to the task at hand. This dramatically improves flow and reduces time, click count and cognitive load - at all points in a workflow, throughout the contract lifecycle and beyond.

Watch Compose in action:

Compose: Superpersonalised screen design

The self-designed, drag-and-drop, no-code catalyst for greater efficiency in your operation.

Compose gives customers complete flexibility and control over their own user interface.

Consider a scenario where a customer service user, responsible for contract administration cases, is presented with a personalised screen showing only the customer details, account balance and other critical information required to handle that particular case type. In the same workflow, the approver interacts only with the information they deem most important - in a layout relevant to them, and complemented by pertinent actioning wizards.

Later in the day, when managing an arrears enquiry case, the case manager transitions seamlessly to a screen bearing the arrears and tracking information that is essential for that specific process.

Compose gives you screens that are adaptable not just by case type; they can also be customised based on the action required, and the user group.

Collections screen

Using a no-code, drag-and-drop interface, configuration users and team leads create their own screens in minutes, adding desired components and tables, and make them available to their users in real time. No redeployment. No restart.

To create the optimal configuration for a use case, Compose allows you to search its library of frequently used panels and tables, add them to a new screen, and rearrange them effortlessly using a drag-and-drop interface. After previewing and finalising the screen, you can select it in the relevant workflow status or menu item - and it’s ready to use. 

Giving you unprecedented levels of personalisation in the user interface, Compose is an industry first. For more information, read the module documentation.

Why raise change requests for custom screens, or bother with ‘low-code development’, when you can compose your own - effortlessly?

Efficiency: Further enhanced in Alfa Systems 6

Efficiency in Alfa Systems 6: Fully optimised UX, with superpersonalised screen design

Case management dashboards

Efficiency for case managers - such as those dealing with collections cases - is enhanced through their ability to sort cases by arrears fields, and perform bulk actions to ensure optimal case allocation; such as redistributing queues based on workload.

Workflow optimisation through AI

By feeding logging and telematics data into a machine learning model, we help you understand how to create and update more efficient processes; for example, reviewing necessary maker/checker processes.

The Alfa Development Model

Efficiency in our customers' processes is driven through agile, iterative development and product ownership, drawing inspiration from team topologies. The goal of Alfa's internal development model is to continually optimise the way we deliver software changes for our customers. Fundamental to this is improving the Flow: the speed and efficiency with which high-quality work moves through our organisation. Our focus on Flow allows us to be more responsive and product-oriented, and deliver enhanced value to our customers.

Meeting challenge and opportunity

Alfa Systems 6 can transform your business, open up new revenue streams, and bring heightened productivity to your operation.

Opportunity: Scalability

Enhancing operational efficiency in finance companies enables them to benefit from economies of scale. This, in turn, facilitates more flexible resource allocation and scalability. Expanding product offerings becomes more streamlined through the ‘no code, no deployment' creation of new screens tailored to various product types, with one-click integration. This simplifies and reduces the cost of implementing new product ranges.

Opportunity: Multitasking

The emerging workforce excels at multitasking, and this indicates a potential shift towards enabling your people to handle multiple product areas and processes. Developing customised screens for each business process facilitates a smoother transition to this way of working, and minimises training needs.

Challenge: The need to decrease operating costs

As the cost of capital rises and regulatory demands escalate, it is essential for finance companies to reduce operating costs and maintain competitiveness. This evolving landscape, marked by moves towards new product types and business models in order to sustain margins, has led to heightened complexity in business processes. To navigate this complexity, there is a crucial need to maintain simplicity in information for both customer service and finance departments.

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