Alfa Publishes the First Paper in the 'Innovation in Implementation' Series

Innovation in Implementation Series - Paper 1: Derisking Your Systems Replacement Project through Phased Implementation

Innovation in Implementation Series - Paper 1

Alfa publishes the first paper in a brand-new series, 'Innovation in Implementation': Bringing an agile approach to systems transformation.

In the series, various individuals from Alfa draw on their talent and experience to discuss how asset finance organisations can work in an agile fashion to deliver quick and often on their software implementations. It covers key concepts such as phased implementations and integration, accelerated implementations, and the onboarding of new portfolios; as well as how to iterate and keep delivering value through effective hosting and partnering strategies.

The first article, #1 Derisking Your Systems Replacement Project through Phased Implementation, discusses how lessons learned from the industry, alongside the rise of agile methodologies, have prompted alternative, phased implementation approaches which present an exciting opportunity for companies to move away from the traditional models that bring a high level of risk, complexity and cost.

Michael Mousdale, a Project Manager at Alfa and author of the first paper, said: “At Alfa we have a rich history of delivering successful software change. In the Innovation series we draw on that to share our expertise and best-practice experience that sees results every time.

“Projects are taking an ever closer look at leveraging phased approaches as a way of mitigating against the pressure, expectation and risk of a ‘Big Bang’ approach. These days things are more about eliminating the barriers to getting work done efficiently, with the greatest flexibility and fewest constraints.”

The second part of the Innovation in Implementation series, due later this year, discusses how to onboard new portfolios efficiently and effectively.

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