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Wide-Ranging Product Support

Wide-Ranging Product Support

08 Wide Ranging Product Support
Wide-Ranging Product Support

Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business, including complex leases and loans, usage-based products, and risk-free rates.

Alfa Systems supports a wide range of products, including operating leases and their one-pay and closed-end variants.

Finance leases, or capital leases, are supported by Alfa Systems. The configurability of purchase options, rental profiles and end-of-term handling allows our clients to establish variations including $-out, open-end and municipal leases.

Loans, whether conditional sale, retail balloon or simple interest/per diem, are also supported. Alfa Systems has been proven at volume to handle the complexities of simple interest loan calculations, at any payment frequency or rate configuration, allowing our clients to focus on their customers rather than workarounds for system limitations.

Usage-based product support incorporates inline usage-based billing, end-of-term usage billing and usage-based restructures.

In addition, Alfa Systems supports a multitude of other product types, including:

  • Variable-rate products
  • Floorplan/wholesale financing
  • Dealer loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Dealer reserve
  • Interest-offset accounts
  • Deposit accounts
  • Progress payments
Alfa Systems enables us to launch a wider range of new products to the market, improve speed and efficiency, and offer a significantly improved service to our brokers and their customers.”
Paul Bartley, Managing Director, Specialist Business Finance, HTB

Product-Based Templates

Financial products are often defined and transformed to suit the changing market. Meanwhile, the terms and definitions used by those organizations are always evolving.

To provide flexibility in this area, Alfa Systems allows you to implement your own variations of each product type. This is achieved through product templates, which allow standard product configurations to determine the characteristics, limitations, and authorities for each financial product, configured to suit your business, then taken to market at speed.

LIBOR Reform: The Impact for Auto and Equipment Finance Providers

LIBOR rates are used by auto and equipment finance businesses globally as a benchmark to determine customer interest rates. However, LIBOR, EURIBOR, and other such rates carry inherent shortcomings which have led to their forthcoming replacement by alternative risk-free rates such as SONIA and SOFR.

In our whitepaper, we discuss why this is happening, what it means for finance providers who need to make the transition, and how their systems must be enhanced to accommodate the changes. Read more in LIBOR Reform: The Impact for Auto and Equipment Finance Providers.