New Report Highlights Five Steps to Digitalization

  • Created on 04 Dec 2017
Alfa Dd 5 Steps

​Alfa has published an important piece of industry research on how companies are embracing digitalization.

Digital Directions: Exploring digitalization in the asset finance industry was produced after a series of interviews with asset finance leaders globally to understand how they view digitalization, what their strategies are, and which barriers they face.

In the report, Alfa summarizes these findings, sets out why digitalization might be slow for some, and concludes by detailing five specific steps companies should take to accelerate the transformation.

The move to digitalization is challenging, and presents critical issues - particularly through the constraints of legacy systems, and the need to develop new skills. But the rewards can be significant.

Steve Taplin, Digital Lead and Global Sales Director at Alfa

Digital Directions was launched at the Leasing Life Conference and Awards in Amsterdam.