Alfa’s Graduate Programme

We look for people who have an excellent academic record. This means a 2:1 or above, in any discipline, and As and Bs at A-Level - or the equivalent.

We look for evidence of outstanding talent and achievement. If you can show a continuous exemplary academic record, we will be able to teach you everything you need to know.

Candidates often ask if they need to have a technical background to be able to do well in this role. The simple answer is no! Of course, if you have been introduced to computers, have been involved in software development, have financial or any other experience in facets of the job then, of course, you may find it easier in the early days.

We’ve found from experience, however, that the Alfa employees who don’t have technical backgrounds progress just as well as those who do. The main prerequisite is to have a thirst to learn about technology and finance.

All the stages of the standard project lifecycle are carried out with the client, so you will need to be willing to work at different locations around the country.

After your initial training you will be challenged by being face-to-face with different levels of client personnel. It takes a certain skill to be able to converse in one minute with someone at the top of the company, but the next with an administrator who needs you to see things from their point of view.

We usually have a number of intakes in a year so it’s always a good time to apply. If you have set your sights on travelling or having a break after graduating, but would like to interview now for a place in a future intake, we are happy to accommodate this.


We're looking for intelligent graduates to join our team. Apply here.