Our Culture

Established in 1990, Alfa (formerly CHP Consulting) has grown steadily and had a turnover of over £73m in 2016. Our clients include top auto finance companies, equipment manufacturers and banks.

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Why Alfa?

With 300 employees worldwide and an unrivalled track record of project delivery, Alfa is the leading provider of software and services to the UK asset and consumer finance industries. We are expanding rapidly throughout Europe and North America.

Alfa Systems, our market-leading software product, is at the heart of many notable businesses, such as Siemens Financial Services, Nordea Finance, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Toyota Financial Services.

What We Do

Alfa Systems is an enterprise-level application developed using the best of modern technology. To maintain productivity and quality in development, we use industry-standard development approaches and our own experience of delivering superior solutions.

Our work covers the development of the Alfa Systems product and the extensive consulting support required to assist the client from project inception through to successful implementation.

We’re constantly reviewing the latest technologies and approaches to maintain the top position we occupy in our industry sector. Our innovative software leads the industry in functional scope, performance and user experience, but sacrifices nothing in terms of reliability. We’re making sure it continues to be the best.

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Our Culture and You

Alfa employees are creative, dynamic and hardworking, and they know how to enjoy life, inside the office and out. When we ask our team why they like working for Alfa, they always talk about the vibrant and supportive culture. We employ people who get on well and like to spend time together. We all enjoy the work-life balance and Alfa’s supportive approach to further training, career development and opportunities for self-development.

To help reinforce our culture, we hold numerous team events and conferences that bring us together for socialising and team building, most recently our Global Conference in Miami.

Alfa is different to most consultancies and software companies. We’ve grown from a small operation to become a global player, but have kept our focus on the contribution and development of each individual on the team.

We think it’s important that people keep in touch, and encourage our staff to spend at least one day each week at an Alfa office. That way, all the small teams stay part of the bigger one.

For all of these reasons, Alfa staff retention is incredibly high and this helps to maintain our small company feel and sociable nature.

About Our Tech Stack

Alfa Systems is a web application built in Java. Our clients choose Alfa Systems because it’s scalable, portable and easy to deploy, but also because its multicountry features cover all the languages, currencies and accounting standards they need it to.

Our teams work in an agile way to develop Alfa Systems. We work iteratively, release often, practise continuous integration and test-driven development, and communicate a lot.

Alfa Systems uses best-in-class open-source Java components (Hibernate, Lucene, Guice, Infinispan, Drools) and allows our clients to use a range of database platforms and application servers.