Diversity and Inclusion at Alfa

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​At Alfa we encourage and embrace individuality. We foster innovation by actively promoting diversity of thought, creating the best environment possible by bringing together different perspectives.

Our work in this area is split broadly between three active communities, each setting key parts of the company-wide agenda. 

Like our presence, this platform is global. Community representatives are active at each of our main locations worldwide, delivering coordinated events and facilitating discussion.

Inclusion Community

We engage with our culture of inclusion to contribute to sustainable growth, and unleash possibilities by embracing our mix of different perspectives.

We understand that inclusion helps build an environment for cultivating smarter teams and more innovative ideas.  In practice, this involves regular engagement with the entire company, through dedicated events, blog posts and internal forums. Over the years, this level of interaction has created a valuable platform for open communication across Alfa. 

At our recent event for World Mental Health Day, a panel of employees from across the company shared their personal experiences with mental health. I was completely taken aback by the openness of the panellists, the sincerity of the audience, and the insightful discussions we were able to have as a result.

Amar Rana-Deshmukh, Software Engineer 

Our aims for 2020 are to bolster the diversity of our recruitment, devise strategies for colleague-led support networks, and continue to develop our platform through regular events.

LGBTQ+ Community

We represent the collective voice of our LGBTQ+ colleagues, foster a safe and inclusive working environment, and collaborate with our allies to inspire positive change amongst our wider communities.

The LGBTQ+ Community at Alfa aims to engage all employees in LGBTQ+ inclusion, and to do so throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to employee development. We organise events aimed at employees at all levels of the organisation on a range of topics, such as issues faced by LGBTQ+ people worldwide, and how to be a better LGBTQ+ ally. We also interact with and represent the tech and asset finance industries at events such as London Pride to further promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in our wider community.

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Women's Community

We foster a progressive environment with equal representation of women by providing a support network of allies to encourage gender diversity, in Alfa and across the industry.

Alfa's Women's Community was established in 2019 with the aim of encouraging a more diverse working environment. In recognising that addressing gender diversity issues benefits all genders, the community includes colleagues from all areas and levels of the company, working to address concerns around gender bias, provide support for women to thrive in an inclusive environment and provide role models both internally and for the wider community.

Though in its early stages, the community has already made good progress through achievements such as reviewing our recruitment material and processes, working with a local organisation for young women and planning company-wide events to encourage impactful discussion.