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Digital Integration

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Clients with a diverse systems footprint use Alfa Digital Gateway to integrate with both leading-edge and legacy systems to facilitate data flow in real time.

Alfa Systems embeds industry-standard technologies to easily expose services to the enterprise landscape.

In the increasingly digitalized industry of asset finance, a robust solution API is a critical requirement. Alfa Systems' broad, highly granular API catalogue allows full control of the contract lifecycle and the associated processes controlled, and driven by, external systems.

Alfa Digital Gateway provides the tools and processes to enable the delivery of digital strategies which leverage the power of our clients’ systems, exposing and orchestrating various system APIs. Our clients customize their integrations in a way which best represents their business processes, providing simpler, dedicated endpoints that can be amended as their processes and requirements change.

  • More access, immediacy and control for consumers
  • Custom-built digital apps
  • Self-serve solutions
  • Real-time integration
  • Simplified API combining data and function from multiple systems
  • Custom endpoints over Alfa Systems' extensive API and others
  • Orchestrated system APIs across business processes
  • AI integration

Alfa Digital Gateway is a Java-based, strongly typed, object-oriented programming environment that allows developers to produce integration flows easily, including flow visualisations. It is built on best-of-breed open source tools, providing a production-proven, flexible toolbox for building integration components.

Alfa consultants have a wealth of experience in enterprise integration patterns, cross-system architecture and the asset finance industry in general, and this allows us to collaborate with our clients on overall solution architecture, integration design, and the development of integration flows, incrementally instantiating client ownership of integration flow configuration.

Using Digital Gateway with Alfa Systems' fine-grained web services framework gives us the freedom to develop and own our service and endpoints to support digital applications and business flow.