Corporate Social Responsibility

Csr 2

“It is crucial to the vitality of our business that we contribute to the wider society. We are in a position to provide assistance and expertise to the communities in which we operate, and therefore have an obligation to do so, be that through the provision of interview training in local schools, or fundraising for our charity partners.”

Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton, Chief Executive Officer

At Alfa we believe that our actions should have a positive impact on those we work with and the communities around us. We are committed to making our environmental track record exemplary in our field and have set ambitious targets to help us achieve this.

We have dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility teams in each of the regions we operate in around the world. These teams draw from volunteers across the company and have enthusiastic engagement from the wider Alfa community in all the activities we organise.

2019 saw us significantly increase our corporate social responsibility efforts, with staff at all levels of the company proactively seeking to reflect our “Create a Positive Impact” value. In 2020 we're aiming to use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to provide focus and consistency to our CSR efforts.


Top five green achievements:

  • Our dedicated Green Team has increased its membership almost fourfold in 2019, reflecting increasing concerns amongst our workforce to maximise sustainability and minimise our negative impact on the environment.
  • Canal River Trust project: Alfa staff spent an afternoon working with the Canal River Trust to remove litter from waterways in our local area.
  • Nature garden project: a team of Alfa staff designed, built and planted a nature garden for Mayfield Primary, a school local to our London office.
  • Lunchbox Scheme: We provide Pyrex lunchboxes for all employees at our London office, which they can take to local food outlets to reduce daily waste generated by food packaging.
  • We have hosted a number of events based on Green themes, such as the UN Sustainable Development goals, and Meat-Free Mondays.

Alfa's Green Team works to ensure that our environmental policies and activities are continuously improved upon, and Alfa's commitment to sustainability adhered to.  All team members commit 1-2 hours a week to Green Team activity and seek to promote environmental issues amongst colleagues as much as possible. Alfa is aiming to become carbon neutral by the end of 2021.


Alfa's volunteering scheme allows all employees three days a year to volunteer, and gives them a great amount of freedom to choose how and where they want to spend this time. 

We have offered a variety of volunteering opportunities over the years, working with youth charities, building gardens, picking up litter and working with schools. 

Last year we got involved with volunteering with the Ministry of Stories, an organisation which aims to build confidence, self-respect and communication skills in local children, we have engaged in several cleanup initiatives around London, and have recently begun a mentorship program with a Brixton youth club.


In 2019 Alfa's Charity Partner was Alzheimer's Society and we raised over £17,000 for them. Fundraising is not limited to our charity partner and we also raised thousands more for other charities, including payroll donations to charities personally selected by participating employees. Alfa supports anyone with an idea to get their event up and running, and will match any amounts raised.

Fundraising highlights from 2019 include:

  • Charity "Bake off" competition every Monday for a month.
  • Tour de City watt bike challenge for The Lord Mayor's Appeal
  • Swim Serpentine 
  • Halloween quiz night
  • Darts night raffle

We offer Alfa employees the chance to pick each year's charity partner. In previous years we have worked with London's Air Ambulance and Cancer Research. Funds raised by our employees are matched by Alfa, giving an extra incentive to give!