Wholesale in Alfa Systems

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​Alfa manages the entire unit lifecycle for wholesale or floorplan financing. Delivered via the web to dealers, distributors, auditors and financiers via a customisable user interface and authority model, Alfa Wholesale enables complicated and costly wholesale business processes to be handled with a minimum of effort.

Alfa Wholesale provides support for all asset types, as well as specialised automotive functionality such as integration with external asset guides. Advanced inventory management capabilities are supported through bulk uploads, unit transfers and automated workflow unit additions, with inspection capabilities for auditors also provided. As with all aspects of Alfa, a full audit trail is generated for all transactions.

Dealer credit management facilities can be configured to pay out automatically, while custom fees can be generated automatically on key stock lifecycle events. Automated functionality for netting against invoices due ensures dealer payments are dealt with efficiently.

Configurable reports can be generated, such as a consolidated dealer statement which can be presented to authorised users as required.

Alfa's single-system nature means wholesale assets can be easily quoted and transferred onto retail contracts, allowing for accurate whole-life profitability.