Point of Sale in Alfa Systems

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​Alfa's web-based Point of Sale quotation system for brokers, vendors and end customers handles the entire asset finance product set, from retail credit agreements to complex tax-based leasing.

With sophisticated evaluation and sales workflow, Alfa Point of Sale features automated, real-time credit decisions. A single, integrated pricing engine can solve for multiple targets on a before- or after-tax basis for leases or loans.

Proposals can be evaluated for numerous components, including rate, commission, rental and residual value, with financial structures defined for each market. Integration with industry-standard catalogues allows full asset specification, including vehicle options, while value-added products such as maintenance and insurance can also be defined as part of an overall product template.

These templates can be created and deployed rapidly, enabling optimum speed to market and featuring fully flexible payment profiles configured as required. Commissions and subsidies can then be calculated automatically from converted proposals.

Multiple channels of input, from broker-based to self-service, and a responsive user interface for mobile, tablet and desktop, provide support for multiple brands and routes to market.

Frame or master agreements allow you to set vendor-specific defaults and rules, enabling the end user to enter only minimal detail within preconfigured restrictions. Alfa's excellent usability further enhances your ability to achieve complex tasks with minimal fuss.