Contract Management in Alfa Systems

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​Alfa's flexible contract management system allows you to administer agreements throughout the contract lifecycle. Its user-friendly interface enables rapid responses to customer requests, leading to greater customer satisfaction and low data entry error counts.

Any aspect of a contract can be changed or reversed at any time, with no need for rebooking. Alfa maintains a complete audit history, detailing all changes and transactions performed across the system, including before-and-after snapshots.

Quick and fuzzy search capabilities let you find the right records even when you don’t have all the details to hand, and control over how information is displayed allows you to define role-specific views. Multicountry features cover all of the languages, currencies and accounting standards required by a geographically dispersed business.

Powerful workflow and business rule capabilities allow your processes to be mapped directly into the system and standardised across the business. Intelligent allocation of work to users minimises manual intervention, enabling "once and done" in your business.

Alfa’s embedded real-time operational data store provides a dedicated reporting environment and supports easy integration with enterprise reporting tools, while support for collections agents as well as automated delinquency and recoveries management reduces bad debt.